All work and no play makes Peter something something

Well well well. You start out with this blogging thing, write a few posts and then….nothing….radio silence…another dead blog. Poor bloke! Couldn’t cope with it. Well…no! I’ve just been on the dark side of the moon, that’s why. OK, that’s not quite the truth, although I wish it was…mmmm space!

January and early February has been quite hectic at work. We’ve just released a new web framework based on JSF, Spring Web Flow and Facelets. This release included the framework itself, presentation, documentation (no really!) and a 3 day course which we had to arrange. As always with a project, you work long hours when getting close to release date, and this project was no exception. Combine that with a five month old son and the entire family hit by flu in Januar and the result is…well all work and no play.

Things are starting to cool down now (I hope). As said, version 1.0 of our framework is out and the days are now spent fixing Jira issues and preparing version 1.1 (with portal support) which will be released in a few months. This means not so much pressure and lots and lots of debugging, which is great fun if you ask me.

Therefore I hope there’ll be more time for pointless blogging about this and that, read by no one but myself (but commented by pointless spammers!)

Oh, and I’ve beome the very happy ovner of an iPhone, fantastic, perhaps more on that in another blog post.

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