Ruby Ruby Ruby

I’ve started poking around with Ruby. Why?

  • Because I always like to learn something new
  • Because Ruby has been on my list for some time now
  • Because there was a book on sale (20$ for e-book and book…that’s a bargain!)
  • Because it’s the only programming language I know of, that has its own song (sorry!)

At work I spend most of my time burried in Java code and I’d like to try something else. I think it’s healthy to see if this really is the best, or if perhaps the grass is greener somewhere else. I mean, Java is a nice language but it feels heavy sometimes, or perhaps it’s the environment surrounding it that feels heavy. The fact that I’m mostly doing JEE related stuff probably doesn’t reduce the heaviness. JSR this and JSR that, loads of dependencies, build tools, deployment descriptors, web.xml, MANIFEST.MF and so on and so forth, not something I’d like to tinker with at home.
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