Ruby Revisited

As mentioned earlier, I’ve started to fool around with Ruby.

I’ve now been reading about and writing Ruby for a few months, I’m still learning, I’m making all kinds of mistakes and skilled Ruby developers will probably scoff when seeing my code but it’s great fun and I really like writing Ruby code.

My first “real life” project is a little utility for synchronizing subtitle files (.srt) files that are out of sync. If you’d like to have a look it can be found on github.

As you can see from the commit list quite a few things have changed as I’ve read more and more about Ruby. Minor things such as trying to “unlearn” my Java habit of using camelCase for variable names instead of this_format. A Rakefile, organization of source files in /lib, tests in /test and so on.

There’s definitely still room for improvement but I feel that I’ve learned a lot trying to do this little project. I think I know the basics now, at least I can now read Ruby code and get an idea about what’s going on, so I guess the next step is to read and write a lot more code and get to know the core API better. So, goodbye, gotta go, code to write.

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