New Design on

Being the modern, hip and edgy 21st century family that we are, we of course have our own homepage! It’s located at and is really nothing more than a collection of our photos and a seasonal wishlist now and then.

Over the last half year or so I’ve had an itch to do something about the layout of The last major overhaul was done in mid 2009 and I was never that pleased with the colour scheme of the page. However lack of *the* divine design idea combined with work, family-life, sanity hacking sessions and trying to stay fit just meant that the redesign never happened.

Untill now!
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Introducing: Local Birds

Everybody else is doing it, so why not me? …What the hell are you talking about? HTML 5 of course!

HTML5 is everywhere right now so I thought I’d have look at some of the new features as well. Therefore I’ve been playing around with the Geolocation API and the Twitter API. And the result can be found here:
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