And yet again…new theme

Hey, if I can’t write interesting things on my blog, then at least I can tweak and bend the blog itself right. Therefore it’s time to introduce a new theme (yet again), I’ve named this one “From Space To Earth”.

Just to show you the difference, here’s a picture of my previous theme
old layout of

It was OK, I liked it, it served me well, but having read Dan Cederholms fine book Handcrafted CSS I started getting an itch for trying out some of the things mentioned in there.

Therefore this theme where I’ve tried using features like

  • Fluid layout
  • CSS3 features (rounded corners, gradient background and RGBA on the links)
  • Media Queries (meaning that the same layout can be used on mobile devices, another CSS file will then be applied)

if you’re interested in this theme, you can find it at github, right here

I don’t know, maybe it’ll improve over the next couple of weeks and maybe it’ll just die a sudden death in about half a year when I start getting an itch again, but for now I’m actually quite pleased with this theme, hope you’ll like it too.

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