Not dead!

It’s been quite a while since my latest post, almost a year actually.

The reason for this is that things have been quite busy over the year or so. The summer was spent working, being with the family and cycling. During 2011 I rode 3000 kilometers on the bike and took part in two races.

And then there’s work. Last spring I started developing mobile apps, a mobile banking app to be more specific. I started out working on the Android platform, and during the summer I moved to the iOS platform, which meant a whole new language (Objective C), a new framework (Cocoa), a new way of designing UI (goodbye HTML and goodbye Android XML and hello Interface builder), and a new way of thinking/structuring your code (delegates, protocols and the like). I must admit that I like working on the iOS platform a lot. The Cocoa and iOS frameworks are excellent, getting access to iOS features like camera, mail and GPS are most of the time a breeze and things are constantly moving.

During the autumn we started working on the iPad version of our mobile bank app. This has meant a lot of work over the autumn and winter. Many evenings has been spent pushing pixels and scratching my head wondering what the heck my code was trying to tell me when it said things like “unrecognized selector sent to instance”. But now versions 1.0 (1.0.1 actually) and 1.1 has been released and people seems to like our work which is nice.

So…yeah, not dead, just busy, and no sign of that changing in the near future. There’s still a lot of work to do, spring is here again, and with spring comes cycling and then there’s always the family.


It’s springtime again. Yay! Finally! At long last!

This is the 4th spring at our “new” house, but it still surprises us every year how quickly the forrest turns from dull winter gray to a lush green. Every year I’ve promised my self that I would take some pictures during the transformation, just to remember how fast things change, and every year I’ve forgotten, or died halfway through. That is, every year untill this year!

Here is a “video” consisting of 13 images taken from our living room on various days in April.

As you can see, things happens really fast, almost within a week.

And the best part. This is our view from the living room, every day! And this video doesn’t even include the birds singing, or the smell of wet grass and earth on a cold spring morning. We are really fortunate to be living where we are.

What I’m looking forward to in 2010 revisited

About a year ago I wrote a post called What I’m looking forward to in 2010 about – as you might’ve guessed – the things I was looking forward to in 2010.

As 2010 is now no more, I thought it would be fun to visit that post again to see how things turned out. So, walk with me on this short tour of 2010
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Spam spam spam spam

Aaah! The joy of blogging. Your thoughts are so important that you just need to share them with the world, so you sit down and compose your post (maybe you actually read it through after having written it). When satisfied with your Vonnegutesque/Dickesque (or whatever style you choose) marvel, you hit Publish and lean back, happy, knowing that you’ve made a difference and that from now on, the world will surely be a better place…..or, if you’re like me you know that nobody will ever give a rats arse about your thoughts and that the only one to ever read your masterpiece is…you!

But then what happens?
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Confessions of a fanboy?

About a year ago my bare communication necessities were:

  • Homebuild Intel Core 2 Duo based PC armed with a Ubuntu/Windows XP dual boot
  • Linksys something router with 802.11n network
  • Sony Ericsson z530 mobile phone
  • 80gb iPod classic

Today my kit contains these parts:

  • MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.5.6
  • Apple Airport Extreme
  • 16gb iPhone
  • 80gb iPod classic
  • Synology DS207+ NAS server

Man I’ve put a lot of money into Apple products, haven’t I? What a brainwashed, narrowminded, naive idiot I am eh? (this is where you tell me: No, you are right, Apple make great products)

All work and no play makes Peter something something

Well well well. You start out with this blogging thing, write a few posts and then….nothing….radio silence…another dead blog. Poor bloke! Couldn’t cope with it. Well…no! I’ve just been on the dark side of the moon, that’s why. OK, that’s not quite the truth, although I wish it was…mmmm space!
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