ping -c 1 peter

Wha! Was that the summer gone already? Guess so. And what have I done then? Have I tweaked local birds into using Resolution dependent layout? Eh no, but I’m working on it, slowly and irregularly.
So, what have I done then?

Apart from slaving in the portal and JSF mines called work I have (in random order): cycled, watched the tour, played with our kids, read blogs, been on vacation and dabbled with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. What a summer it has been!

Now it’s early september and the normal day chores has settled in. Our daughter has started in school, which seems to be going just fine thank you very much. Our son is back is back in daycare and the missus and me are back at work again. Next highlight is our sons second birthday coming up in late September.

So there you go, a short status update from here. Which could have been shortened down to:
64 bytes from peter: icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.120 ms

(yes I work with computers and I like them)

Music listened to whilst typing this meaningless blabber: The Orb, Nine Inch Nails and The Chemical Brothers

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