New Design on

Being the modern, hip and edgy 21st century family that we are, we of course have our own homepage! It’s located at and is really nothing more than a collection of our photos and a seasonal wishlist now and then.

Over the last half year or so I’ve had an itch to do something about the layout of The last major overhaul was done in mid 2009 and I was never that pleased with the colour scheme of the page. However lack of *the* divine design idea combined with work, family-life, sanity hacking sessions and trying to stay fit just meant that the redesign never happened.

Untill now!
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Ruby Ruby Ruby

I’ve started poking around with Ruby. Why?

  • Because I always like to learn something new
  • Because Ruby has been on my list for some time now
  • Because there was a book on sale (20$ for e-book and book…that’s a bargain!)
  • Because it’s the only programming language I know of, that has its own song (sorry!)

At work I spend most of my time burried in Java code and I’d like to try something else. I think it’s healthy to see if this really is the best, or if perhaps the grass is greener somewhere else. I mean, Java is a nice language but it feels heavy sometimes, or perhaps it’s the environment surrounding it that feels heavy. The fact that I’m mostly doing JEE related stuff probably doesn’t reduce the heaviness. JSR this and JSR that, loads of dependencies, build tools, deployment descriptors, web.xml, MANIFEST.MF and so on and so forth, not something I’d like to tinker with at home.
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What I’m looking forward to in 2010 revisited

About a year ago I wrote a post called What I’m looking forward to in 2010 about – as you might’ve guessed – the things I was looking forward to in 2010.

As 2010 is now no more, I thought it would be fun to visit that post again to see how things turned out. So, walk with me on this short tour of 2010
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Using cURL to download a file

Hey Peter, it’s Peter. Just a quick reminder for when you forget the next time.

To download a file using cURL you can use either:

curl -O

Which’ll download the file in question and store it with the same name as on the server. Or you can use

curl -o yourCleverNameHere.please

Now you won’t need to look this up here next time.

Kind regards.


JavaScript closures

I like JavaScript! There, I said it!

I work in a JavaScript hostile environment where people want to do everything in pure Java, which is why I spend most of my time trying to get JSF and a Portal server to play together nicely (sad story!). But! Deep down I long for a simpler life, a life consisting of HTML, CSS and pure JavaScript and nothing else (well maybe a bit of PHP on the server).

So why do I like JavaScript? I like it because it’s so dynamic. Need a method on an object? Just add it when you need it. You can bend the rules and pretty much do as you please. More than once has JavaScript saved our arse when normal server side programming has failed. And then there’s the more “hard to grasp when you’re used to Java” features. Things like that a function can return a function, callback functions, scope of variables and closures.

Especially closures I’ve had quite a few attempts at trying to understand. I’ve been attending a JavaScript course recently which was very interesting and fun. Of course we were discussing closures and this time I think it finally clicked. Therefore, to remember, I’ll write this post, so that I can re-read it in six months when I’ve forgotten about closures again.

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