It’s springtime again. Yay! Finally! At long last!

This is the 4th spring at our “new” house, but it still surprises us every year how quickly the forrest turns from dull winter gray to a lush green. Every year I’ve promised my self that I would take some pictures during the transformation, just to remember how fast things change, and every year I’ve forgotten, or died halfway through. That is, every year untill this year!

Here is a “video” consisting of 13 images taken from our living room on various days in April.

As you can see, things happens really fast, almost within a week.

And the best part. This is our view from the living room, every day! And this video doesn’t even include the birds singing, or the smell of wet grass and earth on a cold spring morning. We are really fortunate to be living where we are.

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