It's been a while

Just another “I’m not dead” post.

So…yeah…I’m not dead and I can’t even use the “I’ve been busy at work” excuse, because I haven’t, not more than normally at least.

So how are things then?

Good, more or less. We’ve entered the winter term, which means that our kids are running from one cold to another. We’ve just spent the better part of two weeks being sick with H1N1 flu all of us. It’s frustrating when you have to stay home from work with a sick child for the third time in a month, but that’s just parenting I guess.

In other news, our son has startet walking now and our daughter is turning five years soon. Our kids are getting big now, which on one hand is nice, but on the other hand it’s a bit sad to know that they’re just getting older and more and more detached from us.

At work things are going so so, I feel that we’re standing still at the moment, spending all our time trying to nail production problems instead of adding new features and releasing new versions.

Finally , I’ve read a couple of great programming books lately. I hope to write more about them in separate posts soon(ish).

Anyhow, that’s it, just a quick ping to assure all my dedicated readers that this blogger is still alive and kicking.

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