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Aaah! The joy of blogging. Your thoughts are so important that you just need to share them with the world, so you sit down and compose your post (maybe you actually read it through after having written it). When satisfied with your Vonnegutesque/Dickesque (or whatever style you choose) marvel, you hit Publish and lean back, happy, knowing that you’ve made a difference and that from now on, the world will surely be a better place…..or, if you’re like me you know that nobody will ever give a rats arse about your thoughts and that the only one to ever read your masterpiece is…you!

But then what happens?

Comments start to arrive and you start thinking “My God, has anybody actually read what I wrote? I should have paid more attention to my spelling then!” But then you read these comments and are reassured that nobody actually gives a toss about your thoughts, because nine out of ten times these comments are…..spam.

After having read some of those spam comments you might start to think….why?

Allow me to illustrate. I’ve collected some examples of the various spam comments that I’ve received for my recent entry.

Example 1

This is an example of a spam post that does make some sense to me. A spammer wants viewers of his posts to click the link to visit his site where he sells various goods.

The spammer has at least tried to camouflage his evil deeds as a comment as can be seen below:

Name: xxxx
Email: yyy
Comment: Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

Why thank you, glad to hear that my post about a Groovy error message improved your mood 🙂

Here’s another example of this type of spam comments, this one is my favorite!

Name: same as before actually
Email: ditto
Comment: Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

OK what gave me away? Yes, I admit, I am a professional journalist, I’m aiming for a Pulitzer Price, or, failing that, the Danish Cavlingpris!

Example 2

This is where I start to wonder:

Name: zzz
Email: www
Comment: A4xJZI usywshetpeyb, [url=]miuicrcwoonx[/url], [link=]jsyikajwggja[/link],

What’s the point? Link that points to nowhere? Why? Is this just some sort of grafitti? See how many blogs I can fill with nonsense! I really don’t get it. If anybody out there know what the purpose of these spam comments is, please let me know.

OK, enough of me. I really hope that anybody out there has an answer, and wants to share it.

Since this post is dedicated to spam comments, I’ll approve all spam comments that I receive for this post (and this post only). Gentlemen, start your spambots!

PS. When reading the title of this post, please do so in a “Monty-Python-tea-lady-like” voice 🙂

24 thoughts on “Spam spam spam spam”

  1. Well, as promised I’ll approve all spam comments I receive for this post
    Glad that you’ve added my blog to favorites, and that I improve your mood by writing crappy blog posts….is there anything else that I can do for you?

  2. Glad you liked my guide! Good idea to keep it in your bag, perhaps you could place it next to your lipstick?

  3. По-моему, у Вас украли эту статью и поместили на другом сайте. Я её уже видела.

  4. Спасибо! У Вас часто появляются очень интересные посты! Очень поднимаете мое настроение.

  5. Хм… читаю блоги по близкой тематике, а к Вам ни разу не наведывалась.

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