I admit it, it makes no sense at all, but…over the last couple of years the idea of getting a cross bike and start riding some cross in the winter has started to grow on me.

And why does it not make sense you might ask. Because, this is Denmark, no one here rides cyclocross anymore. It’s either mountainbikes or roadbikes. Furthermore, I’ve never ridden a crossbike, so I don’t know if I’ll actually like it, or if this is just a fad for me.

But, when looking at videos like this one

I’m hooked! There’s just somthing about cyclocross that looks fun, and at the same time cool. I can imagine myself driving around in the forest behind our house in the winter, covered in mud, jumping on and off the bike, running up hills with the bike on my neck, crashing a great number of times, having a taste of metal in my mouth and a pulse over 175 for an hour and enjoying it, I might even start humming OK Go.

So…I have decided that this autumn and winter, I will try out cyclocross as a way of staying fit over the winter.

And…to raise the stakes further, I want a home built cross bike, meaning that I will order the parts and then assemble the bike myself.

And…while we’re at it…why not write posts about my progress on this blog, just to make some use out of it.

So there we go. A home made cross bike, to be ridden by a guy who has never ridden cross before. This should be fun. I can not wait for autumn to show 🙂

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