The Frame Arrives

My frame has arrived, and it is as beautifull in real life as it is on the pictures. Behold

Beautiful isn't it

Here are some pictures of the unboxing

A large box indeed

And what's inside it?

Along with the frame came some grease/paste for mounting

And some free samples of gels and energi drink from SiS

That’s service indeed. Thumbs up for bike-zone from here. I can only recommend doing businnes with them. Speedy and thorough answers to your questions and then these little surprises when you receive the package.

Also in the box was two star nuts, so no need to buy that

yes it's my hand and yes it's dirty
One surprise though. The headset bearing cups were not mounted, they came in a separate plastic bag. After some googling and looking at YouTube I came to the conclusion that this was a job for the local bike shop. Sure I could go out and spend another 70 € on a headset bearing cup press kit or maybe attempt to build something myself but it just seemed stupid to spend that amount of money on a tool that I’d probably end up using only once, and about the build something myself idea…good one! I wouldn’t know where to start! So off to the bikeshop I went, and sure enough, they were able to fix it in no time and I ended up paying about 25 € for the operation…cheaper than 70 €, and done properly.

Here is the headset bearing cups, installed and greased up
Headset bearing cups installed

Now to wait for all the other parts to show up.

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